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  • Our vision

    We unlock Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, by a low tech approach on the main technical barrier, the cold water pipe.

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    Clean energy 24/7 in 100 tropical countries

    OTEC converts a difference of 20 degrees between the surface and the 1000m depth layer of the oceans into electricity using thermodynamics





    Available cold water pipes are made for oil and gas

    Recent OTEC projects failed because of the technical and economical issues about the CWP. Existing pipe technologies are adapted to the revenues for oil extraction.

    Pumping water is significantly less profitable, thus the pipe design should considerably differ.




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  • News

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    The characterization of the environment is a key step in DEEPRUN's design process. For this...
    DEEPRUN has been using ANSYS products from more than a year. For the first birthday of our...
  • Team

    Our team combines experience with passion to solve challenges, creativity with an open mind, and a collaborative dedication. Our team works from our office in Réunion Island and is committed to support our technological development.


    DEEPRUN team is supported by an advisory commitee and a technical commitee of numerous experts in marine renewables and on some specific technical topics.

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    Lucas Vatinel

    R&D Engineer

    ENSTA Bretagne - Specialized in Hydrodynamics

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    Matthieu Hoarau


    Mechanical and Industrial Engineer

    Technology and Innovation Master Degree

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    Pr. Miloud Bessafi

    Energy Lab Director

    (University of La Réunion)

    PhD in Fluid Dynamics

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    Ludovic Moutien

    R&D Engineer

    INSA Lyon - Specialized in Structure

  • Services

    We are now in a position to offer our engineering services to players and companies with needs in the field of marine energy, the behaviour of offshore structures or structural analysis.